For Patients

Patients in Chicago

Dr. Barkoff sees patients at the Streeterville Center located at 233 E. Erie Street, Suite 800. Valet parking is available in the building (our entrance is Parking P, located immediately east of the building); valet parking stickers can be purchased from our office for 3 hours ($15) or 12 hours ($20). Additional street or garage options may be available in the neighborhood.

Patients outside Chicago

Dr. Barkoff knows it may be challenging to find an expert where you live and she wants to help you on your journey back to health. Phone consultations are available to review your medical history, interpret lab results, and recommend next steps in your evaluation. Medical treatment will require examination in her Chicago office with follow-up appointments available by phone.


Dr. Barkoff’s services are considered out-of-network, and payment is expected at the time of visit. You will be provided with an itemized receipt which can be submitted for reimbursement based on your plan. Please call your insurance company to learn about your out-of-network benefits.

Labs will be billed directly to your insurance. Labs drawn in our office will be sent to Quest Diagnostics. If Quest Diagnostics is not in network with your insurance, you will be provided with an order to take to an outside lab.